Consultation & Service Design is the most important phase of any new or upgraded technology solution. This includes a comprehensive evaluation of requirements and performance that will be needed as well as aesthetic and functionality requirements.

Professional design drawings and layouts of the network backbone and deployment of the technology. This helps our customers to get understand the layout and design of their full workflow.

Project Management for larger scale projects with many moving parts and deadlines, we ensure we have clear and professional project plans that clearly facilitate the execution of a seamless deployment across all our business units including, Broadcast, ProAV, ICT and Medical.

Installation & configuration is the most quoted component but rarely implemented successfully. Our team of technicians are split over our interconnected product category offerings but we have solution experts for each business unit. The expertise across the different business units adds phenomenal value in ensuring better-performing solutions that are unique and bespoke.

Our focus whether in Broadcast, ICT, Medical or AV is a well-deployed network. This is like our nervous system, and similarly, if it is not well deployed and maintained it would cause endless problems on every level of operation. We want to exceed our client's satisfaction levels not just meet them in every aspect of our installations. 

Training is sometimes one of the most omitted components of a well designed and implemented technology deployment. Though one of the most critical to ensure all users are well equipped to use the latest and greatest technology. Our focus depending on the scale and size of the deployment and how advanced the technology is to provide training that is user-friendly and achieves the end users operational goals.

Maintenance and SLA's are needed for every investment in AV, Broadcast, Medical and ICT equipment. All of our technological tools need different levels of maintenance depending on usage, deployment and customer requirements. We offer comprehensive SLA that ensure peace of mind when it is most needed. 

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